2017 “Shattered Dreams” elicits emotion from junior and senior class this morning

Sakshi Venkatraman, Executive News Editor

Amanda Hair
Coppell High School senior Jack Dalrymple lays on gurney as a part of the Shattered Dreams program that took place this morning in the CHS parking lot. An intense car accident scene was portrayed to Coppell juniors and seniors in order to showcase the seriousness of drinking and driving.


Shattered Dreams, a drunk-driving awareness program that takes place every two years, was orchestrated in the Coppell High School parking lot this morning. Juniors and seniors gathered in the arena at around 10 a.m. to watch a video directed and produced by members of CHS’s television station, KCBY.


The video featured 13 CHS students getting into a fatal car accident after a night of drinking and partying. Police motorcycles drove into the arena with their sirens blaring and lights flashing; students were then escorted outside where they witnessed a simulated car accident scene with student actors playing the victims.


The simulation elicited emotion from many students, parents and administrators, including Principal Mike Jasso.


“I’m sick of going to funerals or visiting hospitals because of poor decision-making,” said Jasso to the crowd of juniors and seniors in the parking lot after the completion of the simulation.


Throughout the day, the “grim reaper” has been visiting classrooms and “killing” unsuspecting students, reading obituaries written by their parents.


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