Yogurt, “Titanic” and Improvisation: Broadway Bound presents “30 Plays in 60 Minutes”


Lili Lomas

Coppell High School’s Broadway Bound theater class waits for its show, “30 Plays in 60 Minutes”, to start on Friday night in the CHS commons. The show is a mixture of skit comedy and improvisation in which the class performs 30 skits in one hour. Photo by Lili Lomas.

Lili Lomas, Student Life Editor

The Coppell High School commons stage was set with various props ranging from a couch to an artist’s aisle as CHS’ Broadway Bound theater students took their place to begin Friday night’s “30 Plays in 60 Minutes” show.


The performance is an improvisational and sketch comedy show in which the students of the Broadway Bound class completed 30 different skits in one hour in an audience-determined order and with audience participation. At the end of each skit, the audience would yell out the number of the skit they wanted to see performed next and the host, CHS sophomore Hudson Bird, would take the suggestions and coordinate the beginning and ending of the skit.


“My favorite part about doing this is we get to do some stuff that we usually wouldn’t get to do on a stage, usually messier stuff such as doing stuff with yogurt, smashing an orange and stuff like that,” Bird said.


The show ended with just over five minutes left on the 60 minute timer that was projected onto a wall in the commons and included skits such as one minute summaries of movies such as Titanic and The Princess Bride as well as some messier skits in which CHS sophomore Austin Tapler ended up with a yogurt-stained shirt and pants.


Though most of the skits had been previously rehearsed, some, such as the “Infomercial”, in which the actors tried to “sell” the audience products related to an audience member-chosen product, and the “3 Sentence Game”  in which actors incorporated audience-generated sentences into their skit, were highly improvisational and relied on audience participation


“The energy [of the audience] was great and that’s just exactly what the [actors] needed was for some people to come in and laugh at their jokes so I thought it was great overall,” director Lisa Tabor said.


Tabor and co-director Jason Dixon stepped in as directors when the class had already begun preparations for the show after Broadway Bound teacher, and the show’s main director Kelsie Morris left for maternity leave.


The students’ efforts since before winter break into putting together this show left audience members laughing loudly . Maggie Tapler, an audience member and mother of Austin Tapler, enjoyed the show and the fun that the students seemed to have with it.


“They were obviously having a really good time and working together,” Ms.Tapler said.


After the show, audience members were invited to purchase desserts as the cast cleaned up the stage; and remaining yogurt off the floor.