Tacos R Us: New tex-mex restaurant is now open in Coppell


Known for tacos and cute decor, the new Tex-Mex restaurant, Señor Locos on Sandy Lake Road has become one of the favorite local places for Coppell residents.


As you walk in you can get the sense of Mexico, with the vibrant colors, lights and decor. There are different types of seating arranged including benches, tables, booths and a wide range of patio seating.


Coppell residents have been excited for the opening of the new restaurant by sharing their opinions on social media, especially for its convenience and reputation following the second Señor Locos location in Plano.


The restaurant includes options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of most popular tacos being asada tacos. This specific street taco setup is tender steak diced and sautéed with pickled cabbage, cilantro, onion, lime and salsas. The potatoes on the side comes in cubed form, roasted to perfection.


The beef fajita nachos are my personal favorite dish, as they were served with a piece of steak on top of a tortilla chips with cheddar cheese melting over the top. There is guacamole served in the middle of the plate as a side for the chips and jalapenos are optional.


“I used to have to go all the way to Plano to eat their street tacos but now it’s just down the street from us. It’s such a fun environment” Coppell resident Cynthia Mcfarland said.


“My favorite dish is the steak chimichurri,” Farah Bayat who is a Coppell resident said. “I always choose pork dishes since it’s just my preference.” 


This specific taco dish is for pork eaters, as it is diced pork, tenderized and marinated with chili sauce, topped with pineapples, leaving a sweet and sour taste in your mouth.


Señor Locos can draw a crowd. The liveliness and gleeful staff have made the restaurant more enjoyable for everyone, myself included.