New chapter for the William T. Cozby Public Library (with video)


Amanda Hair

The William T. Cozby public library is located at 177 N Heartz Rd and has been recently renovated. After being closed for many months, the library is now open to the public and will have its opening ceremony on Nov. 20.

Fiona Koshy

Fiona Koshy, Staff Writer

The long anticipated renovated William T. Cozby Public Library officially reopened its doors to Coppell residents on Monday.

After being under renovation more than a year, the library returned with new, distinct improvements.

The establishment itself was expanded, with about 4,500 square feet added on to the original building to fit all of the additional rooms and features, most notable being the teen and children’s spaces.

In the teen space, bright colors, bean bag chairs and TVs encourage students to stop by after school, hang out with friends and do some homework. With a large mural displayed on the glass doors, the children’s section, on the opposite side of the library, gives kids a warm welcome.

“[The mural] was done in memory of a young girl [Alana] who passed away about two years ago, and it really does capture her memory,” library director Vicki Chiavetta said. “It’s a stunning piece that adds something to the library that we’ve never had before.”

Inside the children’s room, is a space filled with toys, story time room and other amenities promoting a fun, yet educational environment, for children.

Study rooms allow for collaborative learning in settings ranging from one-on-one to larger groups.

On the west side of the building, a drive-up book drop was installed, as well.

Although much different, the library has a few familiar features, one being the quiet reading room in the back left hand corner of the library, providing residents a place to go for quiet, concentrated learning.

Other than additions, the library renovation creates a more open, upbeat atmosphere through the use of natural light. On the back wall, a window extends from left to right corner, overlooking the fountain, water and trees outside.

“Before, [the library] was pretty, but the [renovation] just opens it up to be a whole new space,” librarian Heather Fink said. “There’s no comparison. It’s very homey [in] that way, almost like the outdoors came in.”

According to the staff, the intention of the new library is not only to give the community more amenities but to provide them with a place that they truly enjoy and come together.

“My main goal was to make sure that we designed a space that was flexible, that met the needs and that people could come into and really be proud of,” Chiavetta said. “I think we’ve achieved that.”