Ten simple Valentine’s Day ideas

For singles and couples

Kathryn Wiener, Staff Writer

Kathryn Wiener

Staff Writer


Some people like to think of Valentine’s Day as a big deal, others like to think of it as a day that makes no sense. Why show your affection for someone on only one day in the year, why not every day of the year?


But for high schoolers, they do not think that much about the day for love, they like simple and easy things to do whenever they are not in school.


If they feel up to planning an easy date with their significant other, or hanging out with friends, or even relaxing by themselves, then they don’t have to look far for an idea for the upcoming Sunday.


Easy and simple, no one will have to spend an excessive amount of money to please the other, even though spending time together should be just enough.


Here are 10 simple and easy Valentine’s Day ideas that can be used as fun things to do with friends if you are all forever alone or as a Valentine’s Day easy date.


      1. Spend a day in the park, preferably one with a playground. Let your inner child out and slide down slides and swing on swings. Intive friends, or don’t, your choice. You could also start a game of tag or hide-and-seek. Playing childhood games are the best whenever you feel the need to unleash your inner eight year old, or if you are longing for simpler times.


     2. Have a movie date, or even better, have a movie marathon of your favorite series or favorite Disney movies. You can never go wrong with a classic Disney movie.


     3. Play games at an arcade. Or, if you are not into the whole arcade thing, a video game day could work instead. Start a contest between the two of you (or more). If you are a girl, then prove how awesome you can be at video games and surprise your date.


     4. Binge watch Netflix. Catch up on a TV series, or even start a new one – you are sure to get to the end of one or two seasons by the end of the day.


      5.  If you are spending the day at one another’s house and have come to the crossroad of boredom, then build a fort. Get creative, it is fun to see what people would use as materials to build a crafty fort.


      6. Buy a white T-shirt, or poster board, and write a poem, song lyrics, draw a picture or anything romantic that comes to mind. You could also write inside jokes on it so when others see it, you and your significant other can laugh while everyone else is confused.


      7. If you would rather spend time with your friends than drowning in your tears over being “forever alone,” invite them over to play games, watch movies and eat pizza. Start a board game tournament and go head-to-head – in the end, you decide what the winner gets.


       8. Bake a dessert. Most everyone has a sweet tooth and baking your favorite dessert can be fun. You can share the leftovers with your other friends or your family, or you keep them for yourself and stuff your face while watching a rom-com on Netflix.


       9. If none of those ideas spark your interest, then just take a nap, whether with your best friends or significant other. Scientifically and psychologically speaking, long periods of physical contact or just closeness stimulate chemicals in the brain that promote trust. A long nap together is actually an ideal date if your goal is a relationship based on trust.


      10. Here’s a more specific idea for those who are fanatics of “The Walking Dead” – set up a “Walking Dead” season six premiere party. Invite everyone you know who loves the show just as much as you and geek over it together. Season six premieres Sunday night at 8 p.m.3 on AMC. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than watching zombies get slayed by Rick Grimes and his fierce possy.