Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Gracie Blackwell, Staff Writer

The biggest night in television, and in football, took place this past Sunday. Super Bowl 50 was one that fans and football lovers will remember forever. The Denver Broncos won over the Carolina Panthers, proving that defense can win championships, and the halftime show was filled with color and excitement as Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé performed.


Every aspect of this event was sure to entertain folks in the United States. The Super Bowl is known for its commercials being witty, inspirational and weird. This year’s Super Bowl lived up to previous year’s expectations and did not disappoint. This is the only time in the year where people actually look forward to watching commercials. For once, people do not enjoy taking a bathroom break until their favorite TV show is back on.


This is where advertising geniuses get to shine the most and let their creative juices flow. The amount of money spent on a 30 second commercial slot for the Super Bowl is $5 million, which leads the commercials desire to up their game.


Also, since millions of people tune in for the Super Bowl every year, companies are sure to make their ads memorable, in order to get more bang for their buck. Here is a list of the best and most memorable commercials from Super Bowl 50:


“First Date – Hyundai”

Kevin Hart plays the father of a girl who goes on a date with a boy and spies on them by using the car finder feature of the Hyundai. Various scenes of their date play out while you see Kevin Hart spying on them.


“Marilyn – Snickers”

In this short ad, actor Willem Dafoe plays Marilyn Monroe filming her iconic “The Seven Year Itch” dress scene. The Dafoe version of Monroe is shown as cranky, complaining about everything. A man then offers Monroe a Snickers bar, and after eating it, the Dafoe version of Monroe transforms into the real Marilyn Monroe, feeling “much better” and then executing the scene perfectly.


“Commander – Audi R8”

A retired astronaut relives his old days as an astronaut while he drives in the Audi R8. This heartwarming, nostalgic commercial plays David Bowie’s “Starman” in the background, completing the emotional appeal to the ad.


“Steve Harvey – T-Mobile”

Family Feud host Steve Harvey pokes fun of himself in this T-Mobile ad, by pointing out a mistake in information from Verizon statistics in a previous commercial that their competitor made, a reference towards his mistake of reading out the wrong name at the 2016 Miss Universe Pageant.


“Ultrasound – Doritos”

In this strange but memorable ad, a man and a woman are shown at an ultrasound appointment. While the doctor shows the couple the ultrasound for their baby, the man starts to eat Doritos. The baby is shown on the monitor moving towards the Dorito as the man moves it in all sorts of directions. In the end, the Dorito bag is thrown to the other side of the room by the angry woman, but the baby ends up escaping the womb to try to get to the Dorito.


“Super Bowl Babies – NFL”

The National Football League took part in making a memorable commercial. Various scenes of babies, teens and adults created because of the Super Bowl sing as a choir with Seal in outfits representing the team that won in the years that the kids were born.


“Ryanville – Hyundai”

Two women are shown in a Hyundai car driving while they see various people on the roads and sidewalks, but every person is shown as Ryan Reynolds. He is shown as a police officer giving another version of himself a ticket, shown as multiple construction workers and is shown as two men playing football. The women get so distracted that they almost run over Ryan Reynolds as a pedestrian walking his dogs, but they do not because of the functionality of the car.


“Hot Dog – Heinz Ketchup”

A plethora of dachshunds in hot dog costumes run toward people dressed as Heinz condiments in this adorable commercial. This is one of the more lighthearted commercials.


“A New Truck to Love – Honda”

A field of sheep are shown singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” but stop when they see a man coming up in his Honda truck. The truck plays the same song and after the man leaves, the sheep start singing the song again.

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