The List App: Five reasons why the app will become the next trend


Graphic by Manu Garikipati.

Pranathi Chitta, Staff Writer

With over a million apps to chose from, it is hard to keep up with each service. However, the following list may add on to the stress of keeping up with all of it. Recently, thanks to my best friend, I came upon a new free app called “The List App,” created by The Office writer, producer and actor B.J. Novak. In spirit of the app, I have decided to create a list to explain five reasons why the app is useful and fun.


It’s Unique

The app is created to share lists of random things that you probably have never thought of. When I first used it, there were diverse ideas and experiences that were expressed in various ways.


It’s Easy

When you want to create a list, it does not have to be thoroughly thought of. Any list can be random items that come to mind. From favorite pictures to favorite words, the app is very flexible in publishing what you want.


Get Inspired

This app consists of many DIY procedures, which has inspired me to create my own products. The procedures are simple as there are character limits to each step.


It’s Helpful

Often times when I open the app, I see something that helps me get through the day. For example, this morning I saw a list of “How to tactfully handle criticism.” In this list the author explains that to handle criticism, you must actually listen, say thank you, don’t take it personally and other steps to help you learn how to listen to criticism productively.


It’s Safe
Unlike many other social media apps, “The List App” is an app that makes it hard to bully someone. The app is made so everyone can get influenced so it is difficult to make a list that can offend others.

To get the app, click here.