Water bottles can reflect personality, benefit environment


Maggie Theel, Staff Writer

Why should you use reusable water bottles? They are great for the environment, great for your budget and a great way to express yourself.


Reusable water bottles are a growing trend among high schoolers; many students can be spotted sporting one in their backpacks. There are several great reasons to use refillable bottles instead of buying bottled water. They save money, they benefit the environment and reusable water bottles can be a fun accessory to show your personality.


The United States is the largest market for bottled water in the world, but as bottled water’s popularity increases, the U.S. market is only projected to have the smallest increase of the decade, only growing 6.7% this year. This pattern is mirrored in schools across the United States as environmentally-conscious students are increasingly bringing reusable water bottles from home instead of purchasing plastic bottles from school cafeterias and vending machines. A few cities have even gone as far as to ban the sale of plastic water bottles of less than a certain volume. Although I do not necessarily think that Coppell should follow these cities lead, I believe that each person can make a difference by changing their own habits.


Two of the main reasons to use a reusable water bottle are that it is economical and environmentally friendly. Having to constantly buy new plastic water bottles will take a toll on your wallet as well as the landfills. Plastic bottles are flooding our trash cans; only 38.6% are recycled. However, style is also a great reason to start using a refillable water bottle.


A water bottle is an item that is always with you and visible to those around you making it the perfect way to show your personality. Popular brands include Nalgene, CamelBak and Contigo; they can come in fun, bright colors and are often decorated with stickers that represent the owner’s interests or causes that they stand for.


“[My water bottle] is super cute and a good way to show what I like. I put stickers on it of places that I have been and clothing companies that I like,” Coppell High School junior and Nalgene owner Miranda Dickson said.
After learning about the economic and environmental benefits of reusable water bottles, I bought a Camelbak insulated water bottle and I use it every day. My water bottle is blue and purple and I usually attach friendship bracelets that I’m making to the handle so I can work on them when I’m on the go. I have made a New Year’s resolution to not buy any plastic water bottles and to only use refillable water bottles and I encourage others to as well.