Not the usual TV series


Riley Galloway , Staff Writer

Many people have heard about anime, however might not know exactly what it is. Anime is typically, but not always, the animation version of manga, which is printed comics. In Japan, anime is considered to be all over the world, but everywhere else they consider it to be just Japanese.


“Anime, is basically, Japanese cartoons,” Coppell High School senior Gavin Kennard said. “If you think of American cartoons like ‘Ed, Edd, and Eddy’, or just any other ones from our childhood it is pretty much like that, just from Japan.”


Kennard started watching anime when he was 10. After taking a break from anime, he started rewatching it his sophomore year.


Others like Kennard have been watching anime for many years, suggesting it is the uniqueness that brings them to like it.


“As compared to American shows, it is just better,” CHS senior Charles King said. “More intense, more motionist, better action scenes. Just something about it, keeps me coming back every time.”


Unlike American cartoons, anime characters appear more abstract and vibrant. Likewise, anime relates to “real world” problems, contrary to cartoons being more for comical purposes.


“Anime is different than regular cartoons because it can show very real emotions, and can teach you many things about life such as finding true happiness, yet also, the loss of pain,” CHS senior Daniel Yousef said.


Although anime is not the typical show, it is not much different from other shows. Just like any other show, anime relates to apparent issues. Even though anime may be different than any show you have watched before, do not allow the anomaly decide if you should watch it or not.


“Anime is different than other American TV shows because it is a different culture, Japanese,” CHS junior Riley Phillips said. “It incorporates culture along with a storyline and art to create a new type of genre, also known as anime.”


Next time you find yourself looking for a show to watch, try a few popular anime series; “Dragon Ball Z,” “Anohana,” “Attack on Titan,” and or “Hunter x Hunter.”