Dallas Museum of Art Pollock exhibition to set high expectations


Hans Namuth

Photo courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art.

Grant Spicer, Staff Writer

The Dallas Museum of Art is holding an exhibition from Nov. 20 – March 20, featuring the work of late American artist, Jackson Pollock titled “Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots”. The upcoming exhibition is $16 for admission and free for students under 11. This event is only the third of its kind in the United States to feature this avant-garde 20th century master of the “drip method”.


The exhibit will be featured in the Chilton I Gallery and showcase a collection of more than 70 collective works of drawings, paintings, sculptures and prints. The exhibition will guide audiences through a retrospective of his work, starting with his famous period of “drip paintings” from 1947-1950. Afterwards, the audience will move to another section featuring his black enamel paintings created between 1951-1953.
According to the DMA website, “Exhibiting works from the height of the artist’s celebrity set against his lesser known paintings will offer the opportunity to appreciate Pollock’s broader ambitions as an artist, and to better understand the importance of the ‘blind spots’ in his practice.”


Photo courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art.
Photo courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art.