Coppell hockey ends seven game winning streak

By Amanda Peck
Staff Writer

Last night the Coppell hockey team ended their 7 game winning streak with a 2-5 loss against one of the team’s biggest rivals this year, Plano West.

The Cowboys lost to Plano West in overtime earlier this year; however Coppell beat them in a previous game, so the game last night was to determine who would come out on top of the two teams.

Though bitter about last night’s loss, the Cowboys are proud to have racked up 7 wins in a row the past couple months therefore putting them higher up in the district rankings. The team only has seven more games, so hopefully they will continue their success that they have had so far this season.

The coaches, team members and fans are extremely impressed with Coppell’s hard work and determination that has led them to have a victorious season with a 12-5 record.

“I am so unbelievably proud of and thankful for a team filled with such determination and skill,” senior captain Charlie Busch said. “We have achieved more than we had even hoped for in the beginning of the season and are just looking to keep it up in the next several games.”