Upcoming Red Jacket blood drive


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Jamie Kimbrell, Staff Writer

Jamie Kimbrell
Staff Writer


The Coppell High School Red Jackets and Red Cross Club are partnering to host the Red Jacket Blood Drive for Carter Blood Care Oct. 29 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the small gym.

Parents, teachers and students who are 17 or older or 16 with parent’s permission can choose to donate their blood to help restock the Blood bank by Carter Blood Care. Eligible students can sign up by visiting the stage at lunch and filling out a form.

Students who donate in the spring or fall blood drives will receive red cords on their graduation day from Carter Blood Care, as well as a t-shirt.

“We have a lot of people signed up to donate,” senior Red Jacket Ashley Bartlett said on planning the event. “It feels good to have so many people signed up for the cause.”

Help the Red Jackets and Red Cross Club collect blood for Carter Blood Care, by contacting Debra Johnson to sign up to donate today.