Renaissance Validation Week approaching

By Caroline Carter
Staff Writer

The end of one semester marks the beginning of another, and another chance to earn Renaissance, a program that allows students earning specific semester averages to have off campus lunch on particular days.

Beginning on Feb. 5 until Feb. 8, Renaissance Validation Week will occur.  If students did not submit a signed Renaissance permission form during their schedule pickup prior to the beginning of school, they still have the opportunity to turn in the permission form during their lunch time.  There will also be forms  available on the stage during lunches to take home for a parent to sign if students still need one. There is also a list outside of Student Services that lists the names of all students who are eligible for Renaissance this semester.

This semester is also the first time that freshmen can participate. Though many are unable to drive their own car to lunch, there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the high school. A few popular places include Sonic, Jimmy John’s, Zenzero Bakery and Palio’s Pizza Cafe.