Changing demographics, progressivism spells defeat for outdated GOP

By Ben Cowlishaw
Opinions Editor

Change in the appearance of America is becoming more and more evident, not just by the Presidential and Congressional elections, but by ballot initiatives passed around the country. The Republican Party is doomed to lose until they reach out to more ethnic, racial and social groups.

On Tuesday, all but one swing state leaned in Obama’s favor. Initiatives in Colorado and Washington passed, allowing the legal use of marijuana. Gay marriage was legalized in two additional states.

For as long as the GOP platform goes against the interest of many minority groups, the party will slowly lose more and more relevance and prevalence in politics.

Despite maintaining a majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats actually won the popular vote for the house; more votes were cast in favor of a Democratic House candidate than Republicans.

Many Americans likely agree in the pro-business and small-government ideals of the party, but their social conservatism is far too outdated to keep them in the race for long.

America is changing, and like a species, the GOP must adapt to their changing environment, or risk extinction.