Cast in votes for Election Day

By Corrina Taylor
Staff Writer

Coppell is adorned in red and blue, from the political party signs posted in the lawns, to the patriotic colored products in the grocery store, all to remind us of our civic duty. The 2012 election has reached all corners of the country and now the time has come to decide which candidate will be the president for the next four years.

The official Election Day is Nov. 6 and there are many different places in Coppell to cast your vote. Most elementary schools will be open for voting; such as Pinkerton, Mockingbird, Lakeside, Cottonwood Creek, and Riverchase elementary school. The Coppell Bible Fellowship Church and the Coppell Town Center will also be open for voting.

Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for Coppell residents who are registered voters. To check your voter registration status or to find your precinct the information can be found here.  Voters must show up to their precinct prepared.

Voters need a license or some form of personal identification that proves who they are, this identification needs a photograph. Other forms of identification that will also be accepted are a birth certificate, citizenship papers, passport, official mail addressed to you, and a copy of a current utility bill.

There is only one day to vote, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity because Election Day only comes once every four years.