Halloween still fun for all ages

By Shannon Wilkinson

Staff Writer

Candy, costumes, trick ‘o’ treating and scary movies are all popular traditions of the Halloween seaosn, but is there an age where kids and teenagers become too old for these activities? While dressing up is still an exciting thing for high school students to do, the trick ‘o’ treating is no longer the thing to do.

“I love dressing up because it is a good way to show your Halloween spirit, but I don’t go house to house asking for candy,” junior Nicolette Pianelli said.

Even though candy is enjoyed by people everywhere, high school students find it easier to take from younger siblings or buy it in bulk at grocery stores.

Scary movies, on the other hand, are something you’ll see more high schoolers watching rather than elementary students. Scary movie marathons are not only a Halloween tradition, but an activity teenagers enjoy year round.

Get your friends, your costumes, some candy and have a Happy Halloween CHS.