Shooting at Fort Hood

By Julia Kim

Staff Writer

Thirteen pronounced dead. Another 30 injured.

I wasn’t aware of the shooting in Kileen yesterday. A classmate in my 7th period class received a text- did you hear about the shooting– from a number she didn’t recognize.

I just brushed it aside and focused on completing my assignment- I was skeptical. However, I had a few thoughts past my ignorance; I assumed it was at a high school, similar to the past tragedies broadcasted all over the news. I didn’t realize it actually occurred until my dad told me in the car that afternoon.

At Fort Hood, the nation’s largest military base, a psychiatrist who worked in a hospital, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, recklessly rampaged through the base and opened fire at a military processing center.

Luckily, police officer Kimberly Munley fired four times at Hasan who immediately stopped and is now in stable condition.

Details from the incident have yet to be uncovered as investigators are still analyzing Hasan’s motives and the shootings. As of now, people currently believe his deployment factored into his anger.