Hometown Hero Nominees needed

Shannon Wilkinson

Staff Writer

The annual Hometown Hero nominations are here again. With the PSA Academy encourging the entire community of Coppell to go online and nominate someone they believe would make an excellent Hero. PSA is hoping the nominations process will be more of a community event so everyone can acknowledge our heros. With last years winner being Ms. Laura Springer, the PSA students hope for another great winner. In previous years, the Hometown Hero winner was announced during one of our home football games, but this year they decided to change it up a bit. The Hometown Hero winner will be announced during the Coppell versus Marcus basketball game

“We moved it from football season to baksetball season so we could spend more time on it and have the entire community get the chacne to vote,” PSA Junior, Megan Alberse said.

Do not miss your chance to nominate someone. Nominations close October twenty-sixth, so go online to tinyurl.com/hth2013.