Secondary plays primary role in Cowboy victory

By Tanner McCord
Sports Writer

It is said that defense wins championships, well, tonight may as well have been a championship game. Coppell’s defense put up an extremely impressive showing whether on the line or in the secondary, everyone on the field on defense played as hard as they possibly could.

From the overtime stops on the one yard line to the two, almost three interceptions, your Coppell Cowboy defense had a brag worthy showing, however, overall tonight seemed for both teams to predominantly be a battle fought through the sky.

Several big plays and momentum changes came from passing plays. From Coppell’s two interceptions to Cameron Smith catching that final pass that would seal the game, getting air under the ball seemed to always bring excitement, and our defensive secondary just added to that.

“I felt the guys played real well.” Defensive coach Karl Pointer said. “They did a great job covering a great set of receivers.”

Junior Chris Adkins had tonight’s first interception for Coppell which allowed the Boy’s to gain some momentum fairly early in the game.

“I felt lucky, I feel blessed,” Adkins said. “I feel blessed to be out here with these guys and with everybody.”

Adkins and the rest of the defense knew tonight would be one of the biggest games that we play all year and have been working extremely hard to make sure that they not only showed up this week, but past and future games.

“We work so hard for this every day,” Adkins said. “Every day workouts in the summer and every day at practice.”