St. Ann Carnival raffles $39,000 car

By Nikki Dabney

Staff Writer

The St. Ann Carnival is an annual attraction in Coppell. Everyone buys sheets of tickets to fill up on funnel cake and then throw it up after their third round of spinning around in tea cups. There is another kind of tickets, however, that are not as known to the community: the raffle tickets.

Each family who is a member of St. Ann receives 10 tickets and can sell other tickets to people they know for $10 a piece or return them for a refund. The profits of these ticket sales, as well as the rest of the carnival, fun parish charities and pastoral counsel.

A committee of 30 people are involved in the detailed planning of the carnival and raffle and are always looking for new volunteers and sponsors. This year, the raffle prizes were an Apple iPad and a $39,000 Mercedes E Class donated by Park Place in Grapevine.

The St. Ann Carnival has a lot more to do and get involved in than just bumper cars and a mechanical bull. Next year, remember to purchase your raffle tickets and you may end up with a new ride home.