Deforest construction stops cars, patience of residents

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

Anyone who lives, or has friends that live, on Deforest Rd in Coppell, is well aware of the construction taking place. Announced on Feb. 3 at the town council meeting, the project is anticipated to last through October and possibly into December.
This week, the progress of the project has continued as scheduled, and on Friday concrete will be poured. From 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. anyone intending to travel down Deforest Rd can expect delays as the concrete trucks unload. Uniformed officials will be directing traffic. In the case of an Emergency, trucks will move to allow passage of Emergency Vehicles.
Traffic, as usual, will flow one-way eastbound.
Deforest Rd in Coppell connects several streets of a residential neighborhood and has been converted to a one-way street in the midst of a road expansion process, to the inconvenience of many Coppellians. As a part of the project, a sidewalk will be added on the left side of the road, and the road itself will be widened.
After the project is completed, the roads will be smoother, wider, and overall more comfortable to drive on than before. Until then, the messy project will continue to irritate drivers and passengers alike.
While the results of the project are widely anticipated, pardon the pun, the project is a nuisance to anyone using the road.