The pizza and cookie club

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

It’s a very select group of people here at Coppell High School that have had the perseverance to be entered into this club. The only real requirement is to have a beyond reason love for pizza and Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.

The first time I walked into the large commons (lunch room) for years ago my freshman instincts took over because of panic and fear as I looked around at all of the people and all of the different choices of food that the cafeteria has to offer. I looked at all the lunch lines and realized I wasn’t getting anywhere with my indecision so I went for my back up plan, the pizza line. That faithful day my freshman year was the start to a downward spiral for my dietary choices. That was the day I began eating pizza and a cookie everyday for lunch.

For four years of my life pizza and a cookie has been my lunch Monday through Friday. Yes of course I would change it up here and there but for the most part since my first day of freshman year I have eaten the same thing. Now I’m not promoting these choices for anyone else to attempt, I am simply showing everyone that it is possible and I have done it.

Advice to all incoming freshmen; don’t eat pizza your first day of high school, its a trap.