TAKS test finally replaced with STAAR

By Dyer Whitt
Staff Writer

The dreaded TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skill) test which has been in affect for some time now in Texas is going to be replaced in hopes of more accurately testing students academic growth and level of readiness for a higher education.

The STAAR or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness,will begin with this year’s freshman or the class of 2015. The assessment is said to be more rigorous than the TAKS test.

In order to compensate for the new test, most schools will be introducing a higher level of learning into their curriculum and increasing relevance of subjects that are tested. The test is designed for students to prepare for a college level education as well as a job in the real world.

For CISD students, the test will affect graduation plans starting with the class of 2015.