Mavericks trounce Nuggets for 5th win in a row

By Dyer Whitt
Staff Writer

Last night, the Dallas Mavericks plowed through the Nuggets with a 102-84 win to make it their 5th in a row.

After a quick 9-1 lead in the opening minutes, the Mavericks didn’t lose focus throughout the whole game.

The Nuggets struggled on offense and found it hard to score with Dallas’ dominating defense.

Shawn Marion contributed primarily with the Maverick’s defense by containing Nuggets shooting stars Ty Lawson. The Nuggets shot for only 36% during their loss which was attributed by their lowest scoring first half of the season.

In addition to the Maverick’s defensive game, the team put up 32 points in the third quarter making it their highest scoring third quarter of the season. This seemed surprising from the loss of Jason Terry (quad injury) and Rodrigue Beaubois (personal reasons), two of Dallas’ point guards.

Delonte West suffered an awful finger injury during the 2nd quarter. Blood was visible and it was later announced that the player had dislocated and fractured his finger will contributing to the teams powerful defense.

Dallas really seems to have their act together after that three game losing streak earlier in the season and with recent numbers by Marion, Kidd, Nowitzski and Odom, the 5 game winning streak may continue next game.

Tomorrow the Mavericks will take on the 76er’s in Phillideplphia at 7 p.m..