Mayor Pro Tem gives state of the city address

Mary Whitfill
Features Editor

Marsha Tunnell, Coppell’s Mayor Pro Tem, filled in for Mayor Doug Stover on Feb. 3 to deliver the state of the city address at the Coppell Senior Center. Tunnell spoke of the various accomplishments of Coppell as well as multiple plans the city will be launching for the future.

She started by saying that the city of Coppell has 45,000 people working in the city everyday – higher than the actual population.

She spoke of multiple construction projects, most notable the rec center, Deforest Road, Old Town Coppell and Kid Country. She said that Old Town is looking to become a main attraction in Coppell, with businesses, restaurants, the farmer’s market and a new pavilion. Tunnell also spoke of Kid Country, and explained that the goal was to begin construction in the fall and that fundraising for the park will continue.

Tunnell sad the rec center will be open this spring. The city has added more than 11,000 square feet to the facility and has renovated 23,000 square feet. In addition, the pools are being renovated to add a new slide.