Coppell police double up for holiday theft

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

For many, the holidays mark a season filled with celebration, cheer and family. However, for many people, holidays are a tough reminder of how hard it can be to make ends meet financially.

Because of this, it has become a repeating trend that theft increases dramatically during the holidays. Not only are people trying to provide for themselves and their families, commercial spending leads to more people carrying around nicer things.

Let this serve as a reminder to follow the national campaign “Hide, Lock, Take“. This campaign reminds drivers to hide their belongings in their car to where they aren’t visible through windows, lock their car and take their keys with them. Police claim that this can decrease the likliehood of a break-in.

This holiday season, also keep a close eye on the things in your home. Around Coppell, various things are being stolen from yards and garages more than any other time of the year. Sophomore Caroline Overman experienced the issue first hand.

“We noticed our mail wasn’t in the box, and then we found it in our trash with some of our other neighbors [mail],” Overman said. “Christmas cards were torn open and looked through. We think this is because theives were looking for cash or gift cards.”

In response to the issue, the Coppell Police force is doubling its efforts this season to combat these issues along with possible DWI increases. Remember to keep safe this holiday season!