Coppell vs Southlake game dates back

By Chris Reagan

Staff Writer

Coppell High School is buzzing with talk about the always anticipated yearly football game against Southlake on Friday, but how many actually know the history between these two teams?

Not many can tell you that this matchup actually goes back to  Coppell’s first year of football in 1963. Coppell won the their last game of the season against the Dragons 26-12.

Despite the history this game has it wasn’t much of a rivalry until back in the late nineties when the Carroll coach called Coppell students white trash. Coppell students responded by coming to the game dressed exactly how the coach described them.

While Carroll leads the series with a 37-7 record against our beloved Cowboys, Coppell has recently won two of the last three years and will be looking for another this Friday night.

Should the Cowboys win tonight it will be the first time Coppell beaten Carroll at their home stadium since 2001.