Distractions during the school day

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

While analyzing a normal school of mine I realize that I am distracted from what I am actually supposed to be doing the majority of the time. Just think fellow classmates, what really distracts you while your at school?

What do I consider to be the biggest distraction during my school day you ask? I’d have to say its definitely my phone. I never thought I’d say this but my phone is almost apart of me now and I’m sure that’s true for almost everyone with a smart phone. These phones aren’t just great for playing games, such as Fruit Ninja, my personal favorite, but with the incorporation of group texting I feel like its almost impossible to get my work done if I have my phone turned on. Now this may sound drastic, but bear with my classmates, your going have to turn your phones off if you want to get the most productivity out of your school day. I know what your thinking, you think I’m crazy, but I assure you turning off your phones will not ruin your life it will only help you. Plus, its nice not having to worry about those stupid group texts.

Second biggest distractions in the classroom; your friends. Now I’m a social guy, I like to sit by my friends in class and goof off as much as the next guy but if your looking for those big red A’s on assignments your going to have to separate yourself from your buddies. The best way to do this is to simply move or try and get your teacher to put in a seating chart. That way it doesnt look like you want to move but at the same time you can finally focus on what your teacher is saying without having to worry about a spit ball using your cheek as a landing strip.

Third, and you may not agree but I feel like hall passes are a major distraction. Just today, I slipped out of my Ap english class to go get a drink and before I knew it I’d been out of class for five minutes and missed half the lecture. The only way I can try and advice against this temptation to ask your teacher for the hall pass is to get a drink or go to the restroom before class. Also, ry sitting away from the door. I feel like the farther I am from the door the less of an urge I have to wonder the halls for a few minutes because who knows, your teacher might be giving out test answers while your gone.