The academies go to Six Flags for well deserved vacation

Abby Drake
Staff Writer

The select group of freshman students who are a part of the different academies have worked very hard this year and finally got a day to relax and have fun.

There are three academies the PSA one which focuses on students who want a career in public service, like medical assistance or teaching. EMAC is another academy that focuses more on media careers and STEM is the academy that gears towards engineering.

The students in the academies work hard and have a more focused schedule than many of the other students in their grade; with all of this work they deserve a day of fun in the sun. Today all students and teachers involved in the academies are off to Six Flags for games, rides and time away from their work.

As the year comes to an end everyone gets a chance to celebrate his or her hard work and prepare for the summer ahead.