Lacrosse championship: inside the locker room

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Being a three year varsity lacrosse player has given me the unique chance to experience what really goes on before and after the state championship games.

In the locker room everyone was pretty silent, everyone was either listening to music or just starring at the floor. Most of the seniors and starters isolated themselves and focused on the game. Finally, all the coaches called us around and we discussed the game; going over the offenses and defenses one more time just to make sure everyone had it down. After a short pep talk and a lot of yelling and banging on lockers everybody suited up and lined up in the hallway waiting to go out on the field.

While in the hallway there was more screaming, a large amount coming from me because I had taken about two Slam energy drinks, and then the whole team charged onto the fields and we started to warm up. Throughout the warm ups and the game the intensity was higher than any game we had ever played. Even more intense than our previous state championship games because we knew that those Jesuit guys could play.

When the final buzzer rang everyone cleared the bench and we dog piled our goalie,  freshman Jonathan Ferry. There was so much emotion that everyone was hugging and yelling and it was a surprise that they got us settled down enough to claim the trophy. The locker room and bus was an animal house everyone was still pumped up after the game and coach was still soaked after we dumped a cooler of freezing water on him; he didn’t like that very much to say the least.

All in all it was everything you would expect from a state championship. Seriousness at the beginning and celebration at the end; it was a highlight for our season but most of all it proved that we could play in division 1.