CHS cheerleading tryouts brings new squads to the sidelines

Abby Drake
Staff Writer

Last Friday marked the end to the 2011 Coppell High School cheerleading tryouts and the introduction of three new squads.

This is a hard time for many girls who aspire to be the spirit of CHS, since a lot of hard work goes into the tryout process but not every single girl gets to be on the team.

After a week of learning a new dance and cheer, perfecting jumps and mastering the perfect tumbling the results are either very rewarding or very upsetting.  Each squad, freshman, JV and varsity, has limited amount of spots and they spots go to who ever has the most impressive skills in tumbling, jumping, dancing and spiriting.

Despite any heartbreak those who did make the program are in for a lot of fun and rewarding work of getting the school ready for another great year.