High school mascots

Coleman Armes
Staff Writer

Have you ever thought that the Coppell High School Cowboys mascot name was copying the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe the gun signs you hold up before kickoff at every football game, or during the Alma Mater resembles Texas Tech too much? Well it could be worse, like a lot worse; our mascot is perfectly fine compared to these, so quit complaining.

Here is my list of the ten worst mascot names for all of the high schools in the United States, ten being the best of the worst and one being the worst of the worst. Click on the word mascot out to the side of each to see the school website.

10.Vintage High School Vintage Crushers Mascot

9. New Berlin Pretzels Mascot

8.Hoopeston Area Cornjerkers Mascot

7. Chattanooga Central Purple Pounders Mascot

6. Watersmeet Nimrod’s Mascot

5. Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossom’s Mascot

4. Laurel Hill Hoboe’s Mascot

3. Freeburg Midgets Mascot

2. Teutopolis Wooden Shoes Mascot

1. Centralia Orphans Mascot