Super Bowl seating outside the stadium

Chase Porter
Staff Writer

The Super Bowl, which is being played at Cowboys Stadium in the upcoming month has already become sold out. If you want to sit inside the stadium you’re out of luck, but you can still be pretty close to the action.

It has been announced that tickets will be sold for 200 dollars a piece to sit on the lawn on the east side of the stadium at game time and view the game on HD TVs. For any people looking into this take this into account. The tickets are 200 dollars to not get into the game. You can watch this game from the comfort of your own home for free and the food is less than what you can get at the stadium; it’s probably better too. Also, February is one of the coldest months of the year and who knows what the weather will be like on game day. Parking is free, but let’s be honest, you’ll probably have to walk from Fort Worth to get to the stadium from those parking spots. All in all, it’s not worth it.

I have never really liked Jerry Jones, but this is getting out of control. The NFL and Jones don’t need any more money, and if you’re going to sit outside it should be free. Jones is just milking this Super Bowl opportunity for everything it’s worth with this “Party Plaza”. I could possibly understand people wanting to be part of the last Super Bowl before the possible strike next year, but I don’t think it will be that enjoyable.