New year means new start for Dallas Cowboys

Rebecca Neumann

Entertainment Editor

Last weekend, the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles, but against a team resting seven of its starters, a winning score was not anything to cheer about.

The morale boost was good. It’s going to be important for the team to have a positive attitude while training for the upcoming year. This year has left a bad taste in the mouthes of fans, so the team will need to quickly prove themselves next year to reinvigorate the frustrated fan base.

Hopefully, owner Jerry Jones will wise up and hire Jason Garrett as the  permanent head coach. Being a Garrett-skeptic myself, it took a while to believe that former head coach Wade Phillips was the issue when it was the offense that struggled all year. But there’s no denying the results. Garrett led the team from an embarrassing 1-7 record to a less embarrassing 6-10. The last half of the season showed serious promise for the future and although there were losses, they were all tough battles instead of pathetic beatings.

Yes, this year is going to be a turning point for the team and the franchise as a whole. The metroplex is dying for a winning team and hopefully a new coach, a healed quarterback and seven pro bowlers can provide it.

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