A quick fix to an autumn wardrobe malfunction

Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

Boots. A favorite item of girls’ to wear as soon as the weather is cold enough to not appear crazy to wear them. So this season, make sure that your boots bring their A-game to your next outfit by ensuring that they don’t sag with the Boot Stay.

For ten bucks, this investment is garuanteed to keep your boot from sagging down. Though I’ve never experienced this phenomenon (the only boots I ever wear anyways are fur-lined winter boots that are tight enough to stick to my leg on their own), this product is quite popular online. Just peel and stick the cotton-covered adhesive to inside of your boot and you’re set for a day of droop-free fashion statements.

OK, so some help for guys who care about taking advantage of colder weather… General tips to ensure a fashion-forward fall and winter would include (1) visiting a consignment store with your old spring and summer wardrobe, (2) investing in a cardigan or two to help layer and keep warm, (3) I heard that umbrellas and “a stylish laptop carrier” are must-haves and (4) stop wearing sandals and man flip-flops today -buy a new pair of fashion-forward shoes if you need to.