Phillips firing does not necessarily solve Cowboys’ problems

Rebecca Neumann

Entertainment Editor

As you may have heard, Coach Wade Phillips has been fired from the Dallas Cowboys’ head coaching position. While many people may feel satisfied with Jerry Jones’ decision, it does not necessarily solve the problems for the Cowboys.

Yes, the defense did give up 45 points to the Green Bay offense last night. That was very, very bad. However, as you should remember, our offense has not been so hot lately either. Even before Tony Romo injured himself two games ago, the offense was not able to get many points on the board. Blaming all of the problems on Phillips when ‘run up the middle!’ was Garrett’s signature play is unfair. And replacing Wade with said offensive coordinator is a whole new problem.

Firing the head coach may ease some of the tension coming from fans, but don’t expect the Cowboys to suddenly have an amazing turn-around. I think we all need to accept that a good season isn’t in the cards this year, but that this poor record will surely put a fire under the players to try harder in the months to come. So buckle up, Cowboys fans, because this season is going to be a bumpy ride.