Preseason woes hinted to Cowboys’ 1-5 start, disappointment

By Adam Bremner
Staff Writer

It is official, the putrid preseason was no fluke. And now, the Dallas Cowboys face a season of utter disappointment and the bottom of the barrel of the league.

Following a preseason that involved lack of concentration and production by the Cowboys, Wade Phillips and the players assured all the fans that they were not “game planning” and did not want to “give anything away” to their  future opponents. But here we are, 6 games into the season, and the mentality still lies in the same state of complacency. Apparently, the Cowboys do not realize they are currently styling a 1-5 record.

With quarterback Tony Romo suffering a fractured clavicle (out 6-8 weeks), back up QB Jon Kitna will step in for pretty much the rest regular season and furthermore contribute to that preseason feel they have represented throughout this year.

Combining all exhibition and regular games, the Cowboys have gone 5-7 and have only played one respectable game-week 3 versus Houston where, it seemed, the team had turned the season around. Nonetheless, our naive outlooks were completely optimistic.

Having one of the hardest schedules left in the NFL, the Cowboys will not be able to rely on Kitna to deliver a playoff run for the history books.

Unfortunately, the hole dug  by the team-the players and coaches-will prove to be insurmountable. The pronounced “meaningless” preseason games look to be indicative of how this season will end; in disappointment and disaster.