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The official student news site of Coppell High School

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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

    Eneida Padro

    Photo courtesy Eneida Padro
    Coppell resident Eneida Padro is a candidate running for Place 6 on the Coppell ISD School Board of Trustees. Election Day is May 4.

    What inspired you to run for office?

    I have been deeply inspired by the opportunity to support the talented and caring Coppell ISD staff, students and families in times when the educational landscape is going through so many challenges. The opportunity to inform policy making and advocate for community centered decision making is invaluable to me. In addition, as a former teacher, principal and principal supervisor, I have seen first hand what works and doesn’t work in schools across the country. I cannot ignore the opportunity to use my background and expertise to positively impact the educational experience of our children, including my daughter’s who is a pre-kindergarten student at Wilson Elementary School’s Dual Language Immersion Program. Seeing her grow, learn and evolve as a simultaneous emergent bilingual makes me want to nurture and invest in her gifts and in others in similar situations. My heart for service, inclusivity and educational background bring key insights that will help Coppell ISD to preserve excellence, celebrate diversity and adapt for future success amidst budget challenges. 

    What experiences prepared you for this role?

    My diverse background and experiences have uniquely equipped me for this role. As a former teacher, principal and principal supervisor, I’ve gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within our education system. These roles have sharpened my leadership skills, taught me the importance of effective systems and deepened my understanding of the needs of students, educators and families. Additionally, my current position as the Vice President of National Leadership Programs at the Relay Graduate School of Education gives me firsthand experience in developing and implementing programs for school leaders that drive positive change for all students. Understanding first hand the impact of effective leadership and community advocacy. Lastly, as a parent with a child in Coppell ISD, I also bring a personal investment in the success of our schools. My involvement in the community and close relationships with other families have further informed my understanding of the diverse needs and aspirations of our students and families.

    What are the biggest issues currently facing Coppell ISD?

    1. In my opinion, the top issues facing the school district today are:
      1. Budget challenges, impacted by a consistent decline in enrollment and increased expenses.
        1. These challenges must be addressed as proactively as possible and centering the community’s needs and aspirations.
      2. Addressing equitable access to resources and experiences for students, families and staff in adapting to post-pandemic challenges.
        1. We see the impact of inequity across the performance of student groups, in retention and compensation strategies, in feedback received from students and staff regarding the need for more equitable and inclusive practices.
      3. Improving outcomes and experiences of students receiving special education services.
        1. I would prioritize unpacking the performance differentials observed across all student groups. One of the largest differentials is observed in our special education program. This group of students is rapidly increasing and we must ensure that our supports are effectively meeting their needs.  

    What are your plans to address these concerns?

    To effectively tackle these challenges, we must explore building enrollment pipelines and additional revenue sources, such as establishing a pre-kindergarten tuition program. Additionally, we should maximize state funds, such as the College, Career, or Military Readiness drawdown, where we have left over one million dollars on the table in the past. Furthermore, expanding the Teacher Incentive Allotment initiative to increase the number of teachers on track to receive higher compensation levels, as funded by the state (access to approx. $1.6 million), is crucial. These opportunities require system-level change, and we must be proactive to seize them. Addressing equitable access to resources and experiences requires ensuring that our systems and policies consider linguistic and cultural factors when shaping the student, family and staff experience within our district. Neurodiversity is another important factor to consider when improving the experience and support for students receiving special education services. We must continue to diversify our approach for community input and student success by removing barriers and leveraging the strengths in what makes us different. Addressing these challenges through system-level change to strengthen high-quality instruction and community leadership will result in student success for all. As a candidate for the CISD School Board, I am committed to tackling these issues head-on by advocating for policies and initiatives that promote excellence, fiscal responsibility and community voice.

    How would you describe CISD to a stranger?

    As someone deeply invested in CISD, I would describe it as a values driven, excellence focused, diverse and high performing school district. With a strong focus on academic excellence, CISD offers a wide range of programs and resources to support students’ individual needs and interests. I would say CISD is committed to working towards creating an inclusive environment that prioritizes the well being and experiences of all stakeholders. What truly sets CISD apart is its sense of community and small town feel because we have the opportunity and relationships to collaborate closely to create an environment where every student feels valued and supported. Overall, CISD is not just a school district, it’s a close-knit community dedicated to empowering students.

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