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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

    Ramesh Premkumar

    Coppell resident Ramesh Premkumar is a candidate running for Place 5 on the Coppell City Council. Election Day is May 4.
    Photo courtesy Ramesh Premkumar
    Coppell resident Ramesh Premkumar is a candidate running for Place 5 on the Coppell City Council. Election Day is May 4.

    What inspired you to run for office?

    As a resident of Coppell for 16 years, my family and I have benefited from excellent schools, a strong, safe city with amenities that other municipalities don’t have. Coppell has been amazing to my family and our heart is in Coppell. My family wanted to step up and give back at a higher level because we all have a part to make our city the best place to live. I am running for office because I want to continue to maintain a strong and safe community.  I also appreciate the attention and scrutiny to all expenditures of our citizen’s tax dollars.  I am committed to keeping Coppell the best place to live, work and play for all residents. 

    What experiences prepared you for this role? 

    Over the past 14 years my experience in service through different organizations (the City, public schools, businesses, nonprofits, and places of worship) shows my dedication to this great city. I have attended most of the City Council meetings the past 2 years. My current eight years as a successful Coppell small business owner, 21+ years in corporate America, 50+ years of life experience,  [and a] graduate degree in Industrial Engineering, have prepared me for this role.

    What do you think are the biggest issues currently facing Coppell?

    I believe there are three concerns.  Most importantly, we must protect our teens from the influx of illegal drugs into the country.  Fentanyl has proven to be easily accessible and extremely deadly, especially to the teen and young adult generations.

    Coppell stands to lose more than $17 million in sales tax income per year as a result of the Comptroller of Public Accounts’ proposed rule 3.334.  If passed, this could cause the warehouses to relocate from the west side of Coppell.  This rule would change the structure of the tax that is collected on goods that originate from our warehouse community and would take tax dollars out of the city.   

    The other concern for some residents is the incoming DART.  Public transportation is a positive aspect to allow citizens transportation to move around the metroplex, however it could also be an easy access point for crime into our town. 

     What are your plans to address these concerns?  

    One of the most important services that our city offers is the incredible Public Safety staff that work to keep the Coppell bubble safe.  I plan to be an ally to law enforcement and work to make sure they have the funding necessary to continue to serve the residents of Coppell.

    Working with City Council, I will help make sure the police force is funded properly to keep Coppell safe. I will also make sure that the council is always looking for ways to replace or maintain the $17 million funding through diverse methods of growth.

    How would you describe Coppell to a stranger? 

    Coppell prides itself in the small town feel in the midst of a bustling metroplex. It’s an oasis and a happiness bubble. We enjoy and expect a high quality of life. The amenities in Coppell paired with the location creates the perfect scenario for residents as well as large and small businesses.  Coppell residents are highly educated, above average median income, diverse and united. Our Police and Fire department are award winning and our City Staff is the best. These are just a few reasons why our city is highly sought out and a destination city to new residents and businesses.

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    Sahasra Chakilam, News Editor

    Sahasra is a junior and the news editor of The Sidekick with an unwavering passion for reporting and writing. She’s a hardworking student at Coppell High School by day and an active media enthusiast by night. She loves to be outside, walking along scenic trails teeming with a multitude of wildlife. Otherwise, she’s biking through the roads of her neighborhood, enjoying the bountiful winds in Texas with her fellow friends. 

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    You can contact her at [email protected] or follow her on 'X' (@sahasrachak24).

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