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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Making waves at state

Li perseveres through school and swim for spot
Maddy Park
Coppell swim senior Sean Li leads Coppell swim as team captain. Li takes on New York University as a business major and looks to continue swimming in college.

Three rounds. 

More than 200 teams in Class 6A look to send one individual swimmer to the state championship in search of a medal. Three stages stand in between every swimmer and a spot in the championship. 

As the white lights shined upon the calm water of the Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, anticipation rose. The water softly rippled as the warmup session was about to begin on Friday, February 23.  

Amidst the excitement, Coppell High School senior swim captain Sean Li kept to himself. Cheers faded in the background as the cool, calm and collected Li got ready to compete in the semifinals of not one, but two events. 

Being one of two members from Coppell to make it that far, the pressure was on for Li. 

“Pressure is a unique aspect of these events,” Li said. “Personally, when I am under more pressure, I am able to perform better because the pressure allows me to focus on what I need to specifically focus on for an event.”

Going to state in the 100-yard freestyle and breaststroke races, Li was looking to make a statement. 

He was disqualified after a false start in the breaststroke race. However, he made it past the semifinals and into the finals where he placed 17th in the state.

Coppell swim and dive coach Jonathan Drori is particularly impressed by Li’s swimming and commitment to the sport.

“Sean is a very high level swimmer,” Drori said. “Swimmers like that have to be intrinsically motivated and good at what they do. Sean has both.”

Motivation and confidence are two words that were used by Drori, and for good reason. 

“It doesn’t matter whether I am the best coach in the world or not,” Drori said. “If he didn’t really, really want it, then it wouldn’t happen for him. Thankfully he has a great perspective and works extremely hard.”

Promoted to captain by Drori, Li has always been a vocal part of the 41-member swim team. 

“I voted to make him captain because he represents the team extremely well,” sophomore state qualifier Gabriel Campos said. “The way he leads me and allows me to improve my skills is extremely well done.”

For the past two years, Li has competed in state two relays, but this year he was looking to build his strength and make individual competitions – a significant change. 

His way of doing this was by dedicating time to the sport and making space in a very busy schedule. 

“Sean and I have really formed a bond at practices by staying with each other,” Campos said. “Coming in the mornings at eight to work on technique is something that has really brought us together and shows his dedication to the sport.”

School is a big part of Li’s success and also a main reason why Li has developed time management skills. 

“I make sure that I am not goofing around in class,” Li said. “Obviously tests and quizzes are a part of school and a part of your grades, but if you are able to focus in class and do the required tasks on time, the amount of information you can garner is massive.”

As a committed business major at New York University, the future is bright for Li who wants to pursue swimming for a club on the side. 

“I definitely want to continue swimming in college,” Li said. “I want to pursue a career in finance and continue to inspire students and lead in a way that is better for everyone and not just myself.”

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