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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Giving Thanks: An unappreciated appreciation journey

Sahasra Chakilam
The Sidekick staff designer Greeshma Marathu is grateful for her curly hair. She writes about facing insecurities with her hair and her journey overcoming them.

This school year, my hair and I came to an agreement. 

As a kid I had wavy, coarse, short hair. My mom wouldn’t have to try very hard for my hair to look cute; I would wake up, brush my hair and leave for school. If both of us felt a little extra that day, she would add a hair clip that matched my outfit. 

The Sidekick staff designer Greeshma Marathu is grateful for her curly hair. She writes about facing insecurities with her hair and her journey overcoming them. (Photo courtesy Greeshma Marathu)

As I grew older, the texture of my hair changed, growing curlier by the year. I spent a lot of my time trying to avoid my hair, putting it back in a ponytail, straightening it or braiding it, just to ignore dealing with it every morning. 

The thought of having to wash my hair at 6 a.m. made me dread getting up. I would have to wrap my hair in a towel long enough to give me volume, but not long enough to the point where it’s frizzy. I would have to put enough curl cream to have a defined curl pattern, but not too much to the point where it’s crunchy. It became a struggle to follow my routine, only to feel unhappy with how I look. And after all of this work only sometimes it would pay off. 

As I grew up, I did not see many people around me with my hair type. Of course, I saw people with luscious, thick curls that seemed effortless and unrealistically perfect. I would go home and try to recreate the same look, but when I did it, I would always end up with aching pain in my arms and my hair looking like an absolute mess. I had already felt like I did not fit into South Asian beauty standards, but my hair just made it worse. The normal beauty standards were women with voluminous thick, straight, luscious and shiny hair. When I realized that’s not what I had, I couldn’t help but feel like the odd one out. 

The more I grew up, the more I realized the importance of embracing my curly hair. I remember sitting alone at a big family party, slouching over my phone, wanting to go home as quickly as possible. My hair was not curling in the way I wanted to and was sticky from the amount of product I had put in. Through the corners of my eye, I noticed a girl staring at me. She walked over and told me that she loved how my hair looked and that she wished hers would look like mine. 

Even today, I often feel annoyed and angry with my hair. But now I realize that a lot more people, including my friends and classmates, feel a similar way about their hair. Even if I do not like my hair at times, I know that my curls will always be a part of me. 

 I realized that I cannot change the texture of my hair, regardless of how angry or annoyed I am, so I might as well learn how to appreciate it. 

Although it still hurts to wake up at 6 in the morning, my hair is a big part of me, with each curl having its own story to tell. Even though I still can’t figure it out yet, I know I enjoy trying. 

 Follow Greeshma (@GreeshmaM123) and @CHSCampusNews on X.

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Greeshma Marathu
Greeshma Marathu, Staff Writer
Greeshma is a sophomore and it’s her first year on The Sidekick. Greeshma’s life is packed with activities, ranging from being a thespian to playing badminton. She also likes going out with her closest friends, whether it be shopping runs at stores such as Hollister, Target and H&M or biking to tunes in her neighborhood park. If you’re thinking about treating her to some food, a steaming bowl of Mac nCheese is the way to go. Aladdin and Me Before You are some of Greeshma’s favorite movies and vibes with Drake if you pass her the aux. This summer, Greeshma was down on the coast of California for a week.   
Sahasra Chakilam
Sahasra Chakilam, News Editor

Sahasra is a junior and the news editor of The Sidekick with an unwavering passion for reporting and writing. She’s a hardworking student at Coppell High School by day and an active media enthusiast by night. She loves to be outside, walking along scenic trails teeming with a multitude of wildlife. Otherwise, she’s biking through the roads of her neighborhood, enjoying the bountiful winds in Texas with her fellow friends. 

If not outdoors, she pursues her love of all media, ranging from TV shows to movies to music. She enjoys unwinding with her favorite humorous sitcoms like New Girl or Community or some of her favorite iconic movies, like Mamma Mia and La La Land. At other times, she prefers to broaden her horizons by exploring new movies and sharing her thoughts on them through reviews. You can also often find her at many indie and pop concerts, fully immersing herself in the atmosphere. She has a broad and diverse range of music she loves to listen to, ranging from Lana Del Rey to Tyler the Creator, but she is a big Swiftie at heart.

You can contact her at [email protected] or follow her on 'X' (@sahasrachak24).

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