Southlake anticipation

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Three years ago I was a freshman here at CHS and the football game I most vividly remeber is the victory we had over Southlake.

I assume that all of us know about our bitter rivalry with the Dragons, but if you do not I suggest you get with the picture. They are one of our oldest rivals stretching all the way back to the 90’s (I know, a long time right?). They have even given us one of our oldest traditions- the plunger boy. Also, they give us one game a year where we can legitimately storm the field and that brings me to 3 years ago.

Obviously, large amounts of smack talk  led up to this game and we were not projected to win. Throughout the game it was back and forth- touchdown Cowboys, touchdown Dragons. Finally, in double over time, we pulled off the victory and then the stampede began! Sounds like some sort of inspirational football movie, but I assure you, it is not! In fact it is one of my fondest high school football memories and now we have a chance to do it again!

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