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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Freshman Forecast: Dress up your freshman year

Noor Fatima
Many students in CHS9 use fashion to show off their creativity and identity. Staff writer Neha Nathwani explores the various ways students use fashion to express themselves in the halls of CHS9. Graphic by Noor Fatima

Thousands of lengthy molecules and polymers come together to curate a piece of fabric, a seemingly mundane item that serves as a paintbrush to paint a freshman’s canvas.  

As the sun rises, feeling sluggish and anticipatory, you walk up to your closet with no clue of which piece of fabric will represent you for your first day of high school. Will it look like I’m trying too hard if I dress up? Do I wear something comfortable or cute? What will people think about me based on what I wear?

When entering a new chapter in your life, what you wear is important. It is a statement declaring your authenticity and how you want to be perceived. The texture, color, size and material of what you choose to wear are all opportunities to showcase who you are. 

Choosing what to wear to high school may seem daunting; consuming teenage high school movies warping your perception on what schools consider appropriate clothing.  Assuming cliques like “nerds” only wear overalls and glasses, you may be left with an insufficient idea of what to wear during your freshman year of high school. 

Dressing authentically

From the array of clothing options in your closet, you may think to wear your favorite yellow shirt following the day you win a competition, or rather, your most comfortable gray sweatpants the day of taking an important exam. 

What you choose to wear everyday is an expression of what you are feeling that day. In turn, this can help you connect with people who also enjoy expressing themselves the same way.  

I enjoy wearing long skirts that flow down to my ankles as they help me embrace my femininity. Being able to express myself through this wardrobe choice has caused me to become more confident because I am staying true to the traits that I value in myself. 

Finding your style

Within my realm of fashion, I have experimented with both hyper-feminine knitted sweaters traced with pink flowers and sleek black blazers paired with perfectly tailored beige pants. With the sweaters, I desired to embrace warmth and comfort, and the formalwear to appear polished during debate tournaments. 

Though it can be fun to attempt dressing up like different fashion styles, try not to get lost through all styles, subcultures and eras of fashion.  

Find styles of fashion that align with yourself. Utilize social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, that allow you to explore other peoples style choices. Look at the people around you and take note of when someone’s duck-shaped earrings make you happy. See if wearing eccentric blouses or graphic T-shirts feels right on your body.  

Ultimately, it is important to wear what makes you happy. Embracing fashion choices that are unique to yourself in high school can make you feel more confident when interacting with others because you embody your true identity.  

Implementing your style 

Do not go to the cheapest clothing website you can find and place a $100 order to impress your classmates. Being resourceful with the way you build your closet is crucial to making dressing up something that is feasible.

Instead, go to thrift stores to find clothing that will not stress your wallet. Some pieces are of high quality and can last you throughout your high school years. Refrain from becoming victim to microtrends. Instead, focus on finding clothing that you truly love, preventing you from having to buy new clothes every few months. 

In high school, it can be difficult to stay true to yourself through meeting new groups of people,  personalities, stories and styles. The pressures from your surrounding peers may make you feel obligated into changing the way you are, to conform to others’ standards.  

Through the stresses of grades, social life and mental health in high school, staying authentic to yourself ensures you stay grounded as you navigate through them. Choosing to dress in a way that feels true to who you are can make you feel more comfortable within your social interactions, helping you form stable connections in your life.  

Remember, everyone has their days where wearing their comfiest sweatpants might feel like the best choice for them. Wear what makes you feel content, comfortable and true to your identity. As well as dressing up yourself, it can dress up your freshman year. 

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About the Contributors
Neha Nathwani
Neha Nathwani, Staff Writer
Neha Nathwani is a junior staff writer for The Sidekick. She is currently in Speech and Debate and DECA. She loves to listen to music and her favorite artists are Tyler, the Creator and Lana Del Rey. Although these are her favorites, she explores various genres and finds random artists to broaden her music taste. She collects vinyls and her favorite movies are Before Sunrise and La La Land. In her spare time, she enjoys reading tarot cards, taking pictures of sunsets with her friends and learning about astrology.
Noor Fatima
Noor Fatima, Staff Designer

As an excited, wide-eyed Noor walked into D115 for the first time on the first day of her sophomore year, she tilted her head in confusion and thought to herself, “I thought this was an art class, why are there newspaper awards lining the walls?” Despite stumbling into the program by accident, Coppell High School senior and Sidekick graphic designer Noor Fatima found her place in the newspaper.  

Expanding beyond her expectation of designing graphics, Noor has tried a variety of mediums in the program. She enjoys writing stories and drawing graphics.  She grew up in Canada and moved to Texas five years ago, where she joined The Sidekick in her sophomore year of high school.

 She is the secretary of The Coppell Young Writers Association, and has a deep passion for writing. She appreciates the convergence of writing and multimedia that The Sidekick has, and believes that they go together. “People often separate writing, photos, and graphic design, but I think they are amplified and speak for each other when put together,” Noor says. 

Her favorite genre of music is J-pop, and enjoys listening to artists such as  Yoasobi and Kanaria. Noor is fond of rainy weather, and she loves to spend rainy days reading a good book with a warm cup of coffee. She enjoys reading a mix of manga and the occasional novel, and doodling characters from series she likes in her sketchbook. She wishes to pursue writing, and publish a graphic novel in the future. You can contact her at [email protected].

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