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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

New AP Precalculus course empowers students with math skills

Anvita Bondada
AP Precalculus students collaborate on an assignment during Karie Kosh’s seventh period on Tuesday. Coppell High School introduced AP Precalculus to its curriculum for the 2023-24 school year.

Starting this year, Coppell High School has introduced a new Advanced Placement Precalculus course. This marks a significant advancement in CHS’s commitment to advanced math education.

As the course began, students encountered both familiar and new concepts. Sequences, regression models and remnants of Algebra II have been integrated into the lessons.

One distinctive feature of this AP Precalculus course is its emphasis on real-world applications of math. The course comprises more word problems and real-world applications, highlighting the practical side of math.

”I was surprised at the rigor and at how the honors class was more rigorous in terms of mathematics,” CHS AP Precalculus teacher William Harrington said.

After three years of teaching, Harrington observed that while not as mathematically rigorous, AP Precalculus provides a strong foundation for college-level courses, aligning with Coppell’s college-driven student body.

“Since more students are college driven this course allowed students to set them up for success in college.” Harrington said. 

It aligns with the content and skills commonly seen in college-level precalculus courses, providing students with a strong academic base. Beyond academics, the course also equips students with skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of higher education.

The decision to introduce AP Precalculus reflects the College Board’s commitment to offering a curriculum preparing students for college-level mathematics. The course’s framework outlines content essential for college-level precalculus, forming a strong foundation for careers in mathematics, physics, social science and data science. Beyond academics, the course imparts valuable life skills, contributing to comprehensive personal growth.

Harrington acknowledged the enthusiasm among administrators and teachers in implementing this new college-level course. He recognized potential challenges in aligning with AP regulations due to its novelty.

“Since there are so many different AP courses with success it was no strong feat to add another course,” Harrington said. “Despite the little road bumps involved in aligning AP Precalculus with college board regulations to differ from Honors Precalculus”.

Sophomore Ania Jalori thinks the first year of AP Precalculus brings uncertainty. While it’s interesting to apply math to real-life situations, she finds some of the tougher problems to be a challenge. 

“The hardest part is that it’s the first year of AP Precalculus so we don’t know what to expect,” Jalori said. “Dealing with lots of word problems is a bit mixed. On one hand, it’s like applying math to real-life situations, which is cool. But on the other hand, the extra challenging problems can be tough.”

However, despite its complexities, students think the syllabus spaces out each lesson in a consumable manner.

Coppell High School junior Akshaya Ashokanand works on an assignment in AP Precalculus during Karie Kosh’s seventh period on Tuesday. Coppell High School introduced AP Precalculus to their curriculum for the 2023-24 school year. (Anvita Bondada)


“Although it is tough, the pace feels just right,” Jalori said. “We get time to learn, practice and do our homework each day. The word problems are a bit tricky. It’s like taking real-life situations and figuring out how to use the math we’ve learned. We have to plug numbers from the problems into the equations we’ve studied. It’s like solving a puzzle.”

Starting the new AP Precalculus course felt like a mix of familiar and new for sophomore Mahek Verma. 

“We brushed up on some algebra, which made it feel like it was easier at first,” Verma said. “Then, we tackled sequences and regression models, which was a bit like stepping into a new world.  We’re navigating through uncharted territory, not entirely sure what to expect which makes me worry a little.”

Although Honors Precalculus was similar to AP Precalculus, there were some aspects it was missing.

“When AP Pre Calculus was created by the College Board, in order to better our competition and courses, it was added into the curriculum. Because precalculus is college math, this course was useful for learners,” associate principal Zane Porter said.

The success of AP Precalculus at Coppell High School testified to the school’s commitment to providing comprehensive and forward-thinking education.

“Although it is a tough new course I am excited to learn things that will actually involve real life,” Jalori said.


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