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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Evolution of body positivity: shaping new model standards

Pranavi Ramineni
Body positivity, a transformative movement challenging beauty norms, is gaining momentum as the fashion industry embraces diversity, fostering self-worth and acceptance. The Sidekick staff designer Pranavi Ramineni thinks the evolution of body positivity, from challenging societal norms to celebrating diverse beauty, stands as a powerful beacon of hope for a more inclusive and understanding society.

In today’s world of social media and ever-changing beauty ideals, it is important to understand how body positivity has evolved. This knowledge is key to feeling good about ourselves and maintaining a healthy state of mind.

 Major fashion brands are now embracing inclusivity, featuring models of various body types and ethnic backgrounds in their campaigns. People want diversity because beauty isn’t defined as just one mold anymore. It is not only about looks but also about representation. When brands embrace this, they connect with a wider audience and earn respect for their values.

Body positivity challenges the notion that there is a singular ‘ideal’ body type. It advocates for embracing diversity and recognizes beauty comes in many forms. In the face of meticulously edited online images and filtered photos, it is easy to feel inadequate. Understanding the roots of body positivity provides a counter-narrative, reminding us that our bodies are unique and should be celebrated as such.

Social media platforms are instrumental in this revolution, providing a stage for voices that have long been avoided. Influencers, armed with the power of authenticity and relatability, are reshaping the narrative, a transformation that brings light to the underrepresented minorities. It empowers individuals to embrace their identities and encourages a tolerance for different body types and ethnicities.

This shift towards diversity is reaching consumers who are increasingly seeking authentic representations of beauty. In a Vogue article, renowned fashion editor Hannah Jackson highlights the strides made in the industry towards inclusivity. She emphasizes how this change is not only reshaping the fashion world but also impacting the way society perceives beauty. 

These models not only challenge stereotypes but also inspire countless individuals to embrace their own unique bodies. Their presence on runways and in campaigns sends a powerful message: beauty knows no size. This shift towards diversity is not a passing trend, but a transformative movement that is redefining the very essence of what is considered beautiful.

These days, in spite of the many obstacles, plus-size and curvy models are some of the most recognizable faces in fashion,” Jackson said.

The evolution of body positivity has gained attention not only from fashion lovers but also from mental health experts. Embracing diverse beauty standards through body positivity contributes to improved self-esteem and mental health. Marriage and family therapist Dr. Emily Rodriguez,, a psychologist specializing in body image issues, emphasized the relation between body positivity and mental well-being in an interview with Medium.

Dr. Rodriguez said when individuals embrace diverse beauty standards and practice body positivity, they embark on a journey of self-love and acceptance. This shift in perspective can have profound effects on their overall well-being. By letting go of unrealistic expectations and appreciating the uniqueness of their own bodies, people often experience a surge in confidence and self-esteem. 

 “Accepting and celebrating one’s body, regardless of societal standards, is a cornerstone of mental wellness,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “It fosters resilience and self-compassion.” 

It is important for individuals to familiarize themselves with the change in body positivity. By challenging societal norms, this movement offers a fresh perspective on the changing landscape of the fashion world. 

However, it is important to acknowledge the wrongs of the past within the fashion industry. For decades, the industry displayed unrealistic beauty standards, often promoting unhealthy body images. This history of exclusion and unattainable ideals has left a lasting mark on society. As the dialogue surrounding body positivity continues to gain momentum, this movement is not merely a passing trend, but a much needed shift towards a more inclusive and accepting society. 

Embracing one’s unique identity is no longer an act of rebellion, but a celebration of the diverse beauty that exists in us all. The traditional ideals of beauty are being redefined, and it is great to witness a surge in acceptance of all body types. This transformation is not just about aesthetics; it’s about recognizing and valuing the inherent worth and beauty in every individual.

The journey of body positivity has been marked by various milestones. From the pioneering voices that emerged in the early 20th century to the influencers shaping conversations today, this movement has gradually gained momentum. Through campaigns, hashtags and candid discussions, individuals are redefining beauty on their own terms. It is a powerful reminder that beauty standards are ever-evolving.

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Pranavi Ramineni
Pranavi Ramineni, Staff Writer
As you walk into the lavender room of Coppell High School sophomore Pranavi Ramineni, your eyes may catch the Haikyu poster, or a picture of Pranavi as a child with her grandfather, maybe her Coppell Middle School West Team Volleyball poster or the plethora of underwater watercolor paintings. Each of these are a facet of her identity. As your eyes continue to wander, they will set on the girl perched on her bed watching TV. You will first notice Pranavi’s hair, always out and as expressive as her. “There is a lot of my story behind my hair,” Ramineni said. “I cut my hair twice in elementary for cancer patients. In third grade, I cut it 12 inches. In fifth grade, I cut it eight inches.” But that inherent kindness to help the community shows in everything Pranavi does. As a first-year staffer on The Sidekick, Pranavi initially joined to surprise her friend for their birthday but continued because of her hopes to be a cartoonist and page designer. Regardless of whether she is painting with watercolor or singing for the Coppell Choir, Pranavi believes people can tell a story through a variety of mediums. In her free time, she enjoyed reading books, watching TV shows like the Real Housewives, or sitting at the local neighborhood park with friends that are able to be wholeheartedly themselves. In the future, Pranavi wants to apply computer science to the world of architecture and interior designing. You can contact her by emailing [email protected].

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