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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Turning to a new chapter: changes added and coming to the library

The Coppell High School Library has expanded its collection with new books in science-fiction, romance and more. The library is introducing many new changes to its system, including fresh titles to their catalog and creative activities such as painting and knitting. Nrithya Mahesh

The bell rings. In a few seconds, students pour out of their classes.

Coppell High School sophomore Grace Potter squeezes her way through the bustle of the school hallways. She opens a door and suddenly…


It is this comforting peace that Potter finds tranquility in every day before school and during lunch in the CHS Library.

“The commons and cafeteria is super loud,” Potter said. “I don’t really like loud sounds, and the library has a very welcoming environment. Plus, I don’t have to go scrounge around looking for my friends in the commons.”

For many like Grace, the library is an important communal space. 

Though the welcoming environment may be familiar, the new set up of the library is not. In an attempt to make browsing books easier to navigate, library staff has implemented several new accommodations. Among these are new seating areas, a more open comic section and, of course, new books. 

According to librarian Alicia Grijalva, while fantasy and mystery have been the most popular genres of books checked out, the library is expanding its selection of sports fiction, graphic novels and manga including new copies of Spy X Family.  

“We wanted to expand those sections because they’re popular, they serve a lot of students who like those genres in particular,” Grijalva said. “We always want to  meet student demand for what they’re interested in and what they want to read.”

According to librarian Trisha Goins, the process of ordering the books is a timely one. Books must be reviewed before they can be ordered, inspected for content that is age and reading level appropriate and for relevance to the students and curriculum. 

Accepted books are then put into a school library journal from which librarians use to choose books for the upcoming school years.

In addition to books, Grijalva and Goins plan to expand activities offered at the library throughout the year to give opportunities for students to learn to knit, paint and create with different materials. 

“We really look for  innovation and what we can offer to prepare people for the future,” Grijalva said. 

Throughout these events, the CHS Library strives to be more than just a place to obtain books. Among such events is the recently hosted Dot Day, inspired by The Dot by Peter H. Reynold, where students participate in a scavenger hunt and the opportunity to design a dot patterned button for themselves.  

Other events include Hispanic Heritage month from mid-September to mid-October and a Comics Day where the library’s selection of graphic novels will be given a chance to shine.

Coppell High School Library assistant Angie Mahalik displays new books that have arrived at the library. The library is introducing many new changes to its system, including fresh titles to their catalog and creative activities such as painting and knitting. Nrithya Mahesh

Outside of the events and books, there is even a new face in the library staff. CHS Library assistant Angie Mahalik, former Coppell Middle School West librarian for eight years, will be at CHS for the 2023-24 school year.

“The sense of community that our student body and staff have is a very encouraging space,” Mahalik said. “I feel as though I’m a part of the CHS family, being here in the library.”


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Noor Fatima, Staff Designer

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Expanding beyond her expectation of designing graphics, Noor has tried a variety of mediums in the program. She enjoys writing stories and drawing graphics.  She grew up in Canada and moved to Texas five years ago, where she joined The Sidekick in her sophomore year of high school.

 She is the secretary of The Coppell Young Writers Association, and has a deep passion for writing. She appreciates the convergence of writing and multimedia that The Sidekick has, and believes that they go together. “People often separate writing, photos, and graphic design, but I think they are amplified and speak for each other when put together,” Noor says. 

Her favorite genre of music is J-pop, and enjoys listening to artists such as  Yoasobi and Kanaria. Noor is fond of rainy weather, and she loves to spend rainy days reading a good book with a warm cup of coffee. She enjoys reading a mix of manga and the occasional novel, and doodling characters from series she likes in her sketchbook. She wishes to pursue writing, and publish a graphic novel in the future. You can contact her at [email protected].

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Nrithya Mahesh, Staff Designer

Nrithya Mahesh is a captivating junior in her second year of The Sidekick with a focus in design. 

With a passion for mystery novels and art, especially realistic drawings and cartoons, Nrithya finds joy in many creative pursuits. Living in Valley Ranch, she has been a student under Coppell ISD since first-grade. As a lover of all things artistic, Nrithya likes chill music and has a love for singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift.

During her time in quarantine she began perfecting her nail art skills, getting exceptionally good at it until it was time to go back to school. She also enjoys the visual delight of webtoons and deeply enjoys the artistry of them. 

Nrithya enjoys watching TV shows such as "Modern Family" and "Arthur," even writing an opinion piece on how PBS Kids is much better than the other cartoon show networks. Nrithya's admiration for The Sidekick, comes from her love to do what she likes - from crafting cartoons, designing, writing and so much more. You can contact her [email protected].

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