Plano West conquers home district opener at Coppell


Aliya Zakir

Coppell sophomore Kimber Kerrigan bats against Plano West at the Coppell ISD Baseball/Softball Complex on Tuesday. The Cowgirls lost, 13-3, to the Wolves.

Anushree De, Advertising and Circulations Manager

Plano West sophomore Isabella Dunn steps up to bat. On third base stands Plano West sophomore Kaaya Mehta and on second base freshman Abigail Cuellar. On Dunn’s bat, Mehta and Cuellar score, adding to the previous three runs from the first inning.

The runs scored by Plano West in the second inning were as seamless as they were crucial. Plano West scored a total of seven runs coming out of the second inning with ultimately too great a lead for Coppell to catch up to.

On Tuesday night, the Coppell softball team lost, 13-3, at the Coppell ISD Baseball/Softball Complex.

The Wolves took the first inning 3-0 with runs by Dunn and freshman Abby Jennings. At the bottom of the first inning, the Cowgirls were unable to score despite attempts by Coppell senior Sabina Frosk on second base and in scoring position. 

Plano West’s play at the top of the second inning gave the Cowgirls an objective to follow. While Coppell sophomore Kimber Kerrigan and freshman Cici Bourque scored on senior Talia Stuchal’s, who got to second, bat. Now at 10-2, with an eight-run lead by the Wolves, the Cowgirls felt pressure early into the game. 

“We played a lot of good hits,” Borque said. “If those hits would have landed, we would have scored more runs. But, overall we did well.”

With no runs scored by either team, the third and fourth innings were both of less action but showed the defense of the teams. The bottom of the third for Coppell came close to runs with Coppell junior Medleigh Danchak and senior Emily Fischetti on second base. 

The top of the fourth Plano West came extremely close to scoring runs with Plano West senior Madison Strayhorn advancing to third base on freshman Abigail Chunn’s single. 

The fifth inning would ultimately be the inning with the last run for Coppell by Frosk on Coppell junior Mallory Moore’s RBI hit. With two innings left, the goal to recover the lead was high on the Cowgirl’s mind.

The sixth inning, however, went quick with no runs scored by either team. Mehta secured a run in the seventh inning, pulling the score to 13-3, where it would remain. A fast bottom of the seventh inning was seen by the subsequent outs. 

Coppell plays Lewisville today at 7:15 p.m.

“[Lewisville’s] a good team,” Borque said. “But we are going to do well. We’re going to have hits and we’re prepared for them.”

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