CHS9 welcomes class of 2027 to campus in tours


Aliya Zakir

CHS9 Student Council member Julia Córdoba gives a tour of CHS9 to Coppell Middle School North students on Thursday. Coppell ISD middle school eighth graders visited CHS9 this week to tour its campus and ease their transition to high school.

Aliya Zakir, Convergence Editor

With Silver Stars, Student Council and administrators lining the halls, Coppell High School Ninth Grade Campus welcomed Coppell ISD middle school eighth graders onto their future campus. 

Soon-to-be Cowboys and Cowgirls visited CHS9 this week to become familiar with administrators and develop a sense of comfort before transitioning to high school.  

“I’ve been at the middle schools and I think that vertical alignment is very important,”  CHS9 A-K assistant principal Josh Howard said. “It’s important that students feel as comfortable as possible with making that transition from middle school to high school, it’s not easy.” 

Students from each of the three schools in Coppell ISD attended on different days. Coppell Middle School East students visited on Tuesday, Coppell Middle School West visited on Wednesday and Coppell Middle School North attended on Thursday. 

“Shadow days are one of the first opportunities students have to get to come and see the campus,” Howard said. 

Students started the first half of their tour at either CHS9 or New Tech High @ Coppell and switched to the other campus during the second half to tour both campuses. 

“Especially when considering [CHS9 and New Tech High @ Coppell], it’s really important because [students] need to make a choice and they’re going to have to attend for at least a year,” CHS9 Student Council member Julia Córdoba said. “It’s good to know what you’re getting into. For the first week or so, if you haven’t toured the school, it can get really chaotic and overwhelming.”

All sessions consisted of a tour around the school led by administrators and current freshmen leaders, along with bonding activities, such as partner games, to get students excited and energized for the transition. 

“[Students] get to see that high school is not as scary as they might think,” Howard said. “They get to be with their friends, go on tours, get to play games, have fun to get comfortable being here at CHS9. That comfort is the most important part.”

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