Cowboys defense holds off Flower Mound, securing large win


Araceli Reynoso, Staff Writer


The Coppell boys basketball team played against Flower Mound. The game took place in the CHS Arena, a final score of 64-29, Coppell.

The boys basketball team was quick to work together to move the ball up the court. Coppell put up points, starting out the first quarter with a 3-pointer made by senior forward Alex Ninan. The ball would be in possession of Flower Mound for only a few moments before returning to Coppell.

Coppell senior forward Arhan Lapsiwala rebounded the ball, making a jump shot from the baseline, scoring a 2-pointer.

The rest of the first quarter was dominated, Coppell simply passing the ball smoothly. Anytime the Jaguars had a change of possession and put up a few points, it came back to the Cowboys just as fast. The Cowboys led, 18-6 after the first quarter.

Junior guard Alex Tung scored eight straight points, including two three points, to give the Cowboys a 26-12 lead in the second quarter.

During this second quarter, however, Flower Mound was able to regain possession of the ball and keep it away from Coppell for a few seconds. With this time they were able to put up points, hoping to catch up to the early lead that The Cowboys had on them starting the game out. Flower Mound was close to catching up.

Coppell led, 30-13, at half.

After allowing Flower Mound to have the ball during some of the 2nd quarter, The Cowboys came back out onto the court with an even stronger aura for the game. Senior forward Alex Ninan started the third quarter with a 3-pointer.

Junior guard Alex Tung would return with the ball, shooting a 3-pointer. He would later score 8 more points that consisted of three and two’s. With Tung’s points, the score was 45-20. Coppell’s defense was not allowing the possession of the ball to change.

Junior center Baron Tipton would then have a jump shot from the courtline, scoring a 2-pointer, increasing the lead. Coppell led, 54-22, after three.

To finish off the game, senior guard Caleb Soto would make a pass to freshman forward Sibu Nube-Socks, who would dunk it in and score a 3-pointer. The 4th quarter ended, Coppell winning 64-29.

The Cowboys basketball team plays Hebron on Friday at CHS Arena.

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