Art department’s sticker design competition aiding in Hurricane Ian relief


Aliya Zakir

Coppell High School sophomore Safiya Mohammed won CHS’s Hurricane Ian sticker design contest, organized by CHS art teacher David Bearden. The contest was open to all art department students and the top designs were sold as stickers, with all profits going to World Central Kitchen, providing meals to those affected by Hurricane Ian. Photo by Aliya Zakir

Nrithya Mahesh, Staff Designer

A wave sticker, adorned with a unique design made by a fellow Coppell High School sophomore, decorates an iPad in the hallway. Beyond the engaging art and adhesive back, these stickers impact the lives of those four states away.

Starting in late September, Hurricane Ian made devastating impacts on the southeastern United States and nearby countries, such as Cuba and Jamaica. From destroyed homes to flooding, many civilians’ lives were negatively affected.

3D Art teacher David Bearden saw the immense damage Hurricane Ian had on Florida and felt the need to help. 

Bearden organized a sticker design competition open to students taking art starting Oct. 4. The winning designs, created by sophomore Safiya Mohammed, have been turned into stickers and are being sold for $5, with all profits going towards the World Central Kitchen

“It’s the idea of, how can I as an art teacher bring an art product or process involving my students that can also act as service?” Bearden said. 

Bearden decided on the idea of selling stickers, a unique fundraising idea.

“I first thought about doing T-shirts, which are great, but there are so many T-shirts around a high school,” Bearden said. “Every club, every organization, there’s just T-shirts everywhere. I thought something cheaper, smaller and easier like stickers would work.”

Mohammed, an Art II student, submitted her art to Bearden’s sticker competition. 

“It was something small that I could do,” Mohammed said. “I submitted a couple doodles that I made, hoping that at least one of them might get accepted.”

For Mohammed, art was something that came naturally. 

“Since kindergarten and preschool, I’ve always been drawing and have had the interest to create something with my own hands, whether that’s in the form of writing, poetry or art,” Mohammed said. “I have this talent, so I’m going to use it.”

Once voting ceased, Mohammed found out that she single-handedly created every single one of the winning designs. 

“I was happy that my designs were accepted to raise money,” Mohammed said. “I was like, ‘Oh, that’s something I did.’”

All profits made through the stickers go towards World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing meals to those affected by natural disasters. 

“While we’re looking at the news, seeing footage of destroyed homes and such, one thing people forget is that people wake up the next morning and need to eat,” Bearden said. “It’s such a brilliant idea to be able to mobilize meals.”

CHS debate director Dr. Jason Sykes and special education aide Laurie Slack were one of the many teachers to pre-order stickers from Bearden. 

“I love stickers and knowing that I am able to help somebody else is a great bonus,” Dr. Sykes said. “The fact that it was created by a student here at CHS makes me feel good just to support the creative efforts of our students.” 

For Slack, buying the stickers was more than just supporting a large cause, but a memento to keep her grateful for what she has. 

“Every time I see the stickers, it will help me remember that I have a roof on my head and my family is safe,” Slack said. “We can raise money for a lot of things, but to raise money to give somebody hope? That’s a good thing.” 

To purchase the stickers, email Bearden at [email protected] or visit room E103. To donate to World Central Kitchen, click here

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